Do only stupid people avoid Network Marketing?

The short answer is obviously, yes.

Virtually all successful people network market in multiple ways.  The contractor makes money on the sub contractor.  The shoe store earns money on their sales people.

In fact, since we are all self employed, regardless of where or even if we work, we sell our time in exchange for something every day.  Smart people leverage their time.  Since one man is limited in what can be done in a day, using additional manpower will get more work done in the day.

It has been said that a man will marry the prettiest girl that he can afford.  Or that a woman will hold out for the highest bidder.  Certainly, there are exceptions, but we all see it happen every day.

So you can go to work everyday and climb the ladder to earn the top money in your field.  While you are doing this, you can also get an instant 20% to 50% raise by doing what all smart people do.  Namely, keep the money that you currently pay in taxes.  Sure, the democrats complain on television that they are not paying enough taxes, but we all know that democrats are liars.

The easiest way to get $20 to $50 thousand dollars of your taxes back is to start a business that allows you to legitimately deduct your expenses.  A percentage of your mortgage, utilities, as well as advertising and travel costs among others.  Unless you are an idiot, you will seek advice from your accountant.

Free enterprise is what made America great in the first place.  It is also what will keep it great or make it great again.  Only a democrat is stupid enough to believe that socialism in any form is a good thing.  Socialism is of the devil, pure Satanism, and only Disciples of Satan practice or want to practice it.

For those of us that don’t want to go to Hell, there is the American Way.  Capitalism.  It made the United States the greatest nation on earth in a very short time.  Only the dumbest of asses ignore this.

A family with a combined income of six figures can easily recover twenty thousand dollars.  It will be tax free cash since you already paid taxes on it.  Why do you think a CEO pays less taxes than his secretary?  Because he is neither stupid or a socialist.

Go to Hempworx and become a distributor.  This will allow you to purchase the products wholesale.  You can then earn a profit every time you tell someone how cbd oil stops the growth of cancer cells.  You never have to stock any inventory because your customers buy direct.  If fact, they can become distributors also just like you and buy wholesale.  You still make money and so do they.

In fact, many large companies pay the people that actually spread the word instead of quarter million dollars spots on TV that last only 30 seconds.  The more people you tell, the more money you earn.  But even if you didn’t earn a single penny in profit, you still get to keep the thirty grand in cash back from your taxes.

Of course, when people find out that cbd oil helps a lot of things besides cancer, they get pretty excited.  People use it for a variety of things including MS, diabetes, autism, anxiety, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, joint pain, and hundreds of other things.  It’s one of the things God gave us in order to stay healthy.

How some people become millionaires with MLM

First of all, if you do not view Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing as a career, you will likely never become a multi-millionaire at it.

Many people have spent four years going to college to get a degree in social engineering or some other worthless endeavor only to realize that they could have done just as well with no degree at all.

On the other hand, if you spend the time to really understand how MLM works, you will realize that anyone with determination can become successful and retire in a relatively short time, regardless of IQ or formal education.

Network Marketing is the ultimate free enterprise.  You can work when you want, deduct all of your travel expense from your taxes, and earn 6 figures or more per month.  That is per month!

MLM is not a get rich quick scheme by any means.  Your success is also not guaranteed.  There are a couple of things that have to be right in order for you to succeed.  First, the product must be good.  It helps if the product is absolutely great, but good is good enough.  The company has to have integrity and a competent management team.  The marketing plan has to be incentivized for the small operator with obtainable levels of achievement.  Other than that, the main ingredient required from you is perseverance.

There are a lot of lying bastards and devil worshiping pessimists that will try to discourage you from being successful, but by and large, these people are worthless pieces of shit that are not worthy to suck the crud from between your toes.

Many people have become millionaires and literally millions have become successful enough to quit their day job.

The most important thing that people fail to understand about MLM is that you must duplicate your efforts.  Listen up and remember this:  If you duplicate yourself, you only need to sponsor 2 people in order to be successful.  Generally, you need to sponsor more than 2 in order to qualify for all of the bonuses, but let me explain why you only need to sponsor 2 people if you are duplicating yourself.  If you sponsor 12 people and those people only sponsor one each, have you duplicated yourself?  Hell no!  You have not duplicated yourself until the people that you sponsor have duplicated themselves.  So in other words, if you sponsor two people and they sponsor two people that sponsor two people and so on, you have duplicated yourself.  Now, get this.  How many people are in your organization when you have duplicated yourself four levels deep?  The image at the left shows a binary matrix four levels deep.  Your first level has 2 people.  Your second level has four people.  Your third level has eight people and your fourth level has sixteen people for a total of thirty people plus yourself.  This amount of activity will earn you hundreds of dollars per month in nearly any network marketing program.  How much work did you actually do?  You personally only enrolled two people in total from the entire planet earth.

What you have done is find two people and showed them how to duplicate themselves.

In Hempworx, which is powered by My Daily Choice, the products are health products.  One of which is cbd oil.  CBD Oil actually stops the growth of cancer cells.  Take it and live.  Refuse to take it and the cancer patient may die.  Easy choice.  And it really does work.  And yes, there are literally hundreds of thousands of testimonials.  Millions of testimonials world wide.

Now, do you think you have the capability or a high enough IQ to tell a couple of cancer patients how to beat the disease?  Or is that just too damn difficult?  Because when you save these people’s lives, they are happy as clams and tell everyone they see.  You can’t stop them from telling other people.  Because they are not afraid that someone will say something negative and hurt their feelings and need a safe place to go and cry for a month.


CBD Oil with Zero THC

You have probably heard the lies that police, reporters, newspapers, and even TV news tell about CBD oil being illegal.  Well it isn’t.  And it never will be.  Satanists in the police and media have an extreme hatred for God and His creations.  There is a vast difference between cbd oil from hemp and cbd oil from marijuana.  Both have many medicinal qualities, but cbd from hemp contains zero THC.

You can view the documention of zero THC by clicking on the image at the left and then “Documentation”.  Our CBD oil comes in 500 or 750 mg strength.

So many thousands of people have told their doctors about the fantastic relief they have obtained by using cbd oil that Big Pharma is about to explode trying to figure out how to keep the word from getting out.  The old trick of putting people in jail for following God’s word or using God’s plants as intended by God, do not work because people would rather kill the dirty cops than submit to Satan.  People are standing up for what is right and the deep state progressives are losing the battle.

Imagine a mother that is told that she must allow her child to die, even though she has the cure in her hand.  This is what socialists do.  Remember the child the hospital starved to death in order to prevent the mother from obtaining treatment in England.

There are now so many stories of people being helped by cbd oil online that a person truly has to want their child to die if they do not try cbd oil.  In some cases, they may even need the cbd oil that does have THC.  But we now know with 100% certainty that all cbd deniers are liars.  CBD oil does in fact help a great many illnesses and people are discovering new information every day.

Once you realize that cbd oil actually saves lives, you have an obligation to tell people.  No more being a dumb ass that thinks people will think they are trying to sell something.  When you tell people the truth in an effort to help them and they scoff or deny the truth, then let them die.  You can’t fix stupid.

You know the parable about the sower.  He plants many seeds and some do not grow because the ground was not receptive to growth.  But the seeds that did grow, multiplied and multiplied, and the sower became very wealthy.  Don’t be a stingy prick.  Plant the seeds of opportunity.  The opportunity to help other people and receive rewards commensurate with your efforts.

It costs you absolutely nothing to tell people about cbd oil.  Be fruitful and multiply!  Do you realize that if you only told 2 people that told 2 people and so on, that you could become a multi-millionaire every month?  There is no other activity that when performed consistently will have this effect.  There is no college or university that can make this claim.

The person that does not want to try cbd oil, wants to remain in misery.  The person that does not want to share the good news of getting paid to help peole, wants to stay in poverty.


Satan’s war against God’s plants

One of the easiest ways to identify a dedicated Disciple of Satan is by how they view God’s creations.   People against medical marijuana have an incredible hatred for God and all that He created.

Why would anyone want permission from a doctor which costs $$$$ to have access to a plant that grows naturally?

There is a long list of things marijuana helps.  Much longer then the short list perpetuated by the evil Big Pharma and the even more evil law enforcement.

Why do they think that if it’s legal all of their family will instantly be abusing it? Do their families have a history of addiction?

Here is a testimonial from a guy in Oregon named Ezra:  Study’s have shown cbd to help with both arthritis joints or injured joint. In both a unusually high level of cb2 receptors are found in the tissue. The use of cbd/thc is shown to fight inflammation in the joints by activating the pathways of CB2 receptors aiding in healing.

As far as how it worked for my boys autism. I’m not entirely sure of The process. Mothers naturally produce cbd in their Breast milk. We all have endocannabinoid receptors in our body and brain. Those receptors play their part in our development as babys. There are many different types of endocannabinoid receptors. Doctors know what some of them do but have not fully figured out what all of them do. Cbd treatments have shown in study’s to help with autism. From my understanding it helps some kids more then others.
In order to help my son we changed are diet in hopes that it would help him and in trusting the word of wisdom. We cut out all process foods. Plus we just wanted to be healthy ourselves.
The change in diet didn’t do much for him. He was a little more calm. Adding cbd was what really changed things. It was instant.

He was talking in complete senctances at age 1.5 when he got the immunization shots. He didn’t speak another word tell he was 5. I would count to 3 before throwing him in the air and catching him. He said “one” at age 5.
Age six he would count to 3 with me. So I would throw him in the air and catch him. That was all he could or would say.

We started giving him cbd At age 6.5
The next day he was teasing his little sister. Never even focused enough to play with her. Next day he said a few more words. Next day a few more words. Within a month he was speaking. He is now 8 and can read write do math. He is really into maps and learning about the world. Has memorized almost every county in the world along with its capital and its flag and interesting facts about them. He is very loving and kind.
My belief is it’s a combination of a very healthy organic diet and the cbd oils that cured him. I feel that god is the one who inspired us to find cbd oil for my son and us.

God specifically created certain plants and herbs for the benefit of mankind and expects us to use them for the purpose that they were intended for.  It says so in Genesis.  One has to be a real hateful person to withhold treatment from a sick person.

Here is one of Satan’s Disciples confronted by a man suffering from Muscular Dystrophy:

It is our duty to vote people out of office that have such a blatant disregard for God and His creations.   Further, it is our obligation to use any means at our disposal to take our country back and enjoy the freedoms that the Founding Fathers desired and risked their lives for us to have.




The Sacred Plant

In Genesis 1:11, God creates the herbs, even before mankind.  In verse 12 God saw that what He had created was good.

Mankind has been using herbs for centuries.  Far longer than man has been using x-rays, chemical poisons, and man-made potions.

It’s rather simple really.  CBD oil kills cancer cells.  The purpose of mankind is not to have cancer.  The purpose of mankind is to have joy.  God created the herbs to solve health problems that He knew would come about and He did it for our good.  If you don’t believe in God, then the world may be a better place if you weren’t in it.  Your belief certainly has no effect on reality whatsoever.  Some of us know there is a God for a fact, and do not question it even for a second.

There are groups working in secrecy, in combination with the dark forces, in order to keep you in the dark, on a great many matters even far more significant than this one.  But suffice it to say that not only does man not have the authority to make God’s creations illegal, but in fact doing so is a massive evil effort that has no basis whatsoever in righteousness, but is in and of itself pure evil.

Hemp does not contain a significant amount of THC which is found in marijuana.  Many liars in the media, government, and churches, are so incredibly naive about this fact that even the police are as dumb as rocks about this in most cases.   The founders of this country grew hemp to make ropes, clothing, and many useful items in order to make this country great.  It is NOT possible to get high from CBD oil that comes from the hemp plant.  In fact, you can know for a fact, with 100% certainty, that anyone wanting to deprive you of the benefits of cbd oil are actual Disciples of Satan.   Some may find this statement to be a bit harsh but I assure you it is true and it is provable but is not within the scope of this article.

For every problem there is a way provided to overcome it.  People die everyday out of stupidity.  Some simply did not know any better, but for those that have been told, there is absolutely no reason to suffer from the maladies that cbd oil helps and sometimes cures.  There are literally hundreds or thousands of articles on the web with testimonials as to the effectiveness of cbd oil and even call the hemp plant the Sacred Plant.  It is NOT a secret.

And yes, you can even earn a lot of money by helping people get over their cancer, autism, anxiety, MS, diabetes, and many other ailments.  By joining my team, you can save money on travel, buy several health products at wholesale, and be assured of getting the highest quality product available.

There is a certain satisfaction that goes with saving someone’s life or making their life more comfortable.  And people just naturally want to tell other people what happened.

Tips to Succeed in Network Marketing

Many people are scared away from network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), because of all the myths and misunderstanding about this type of business. Part of negativity comes from reported low MLM success rates. However, a multi-level marketing business isn’t destined to fail any more than any other business. Regardless of the home business you start, success comes from doing the work to build it.

To improve your multi-level marketing (MLM) and recruiting efforts within the world of direct selling, consider using these MLM Success tips:

1) Brush Up on the Realities of MLMs

To stay safe from pyramid schemes and MLM scams, arm yourself with knowledge. Learn about the direct sales industry as a whole, research MLM companies carefully, and determine if you’re a good match with your sponsor. The truth is, while you can get rich in MLM, statistics show that less than one out of 100 MLM representatives actually achieve MLM success or make any money. However, that’s not necessarily the MLM business’ fault. Most athletes never make it to the Olympics, but that’s not sports or the Olympics’ fault. Any great feat requires knowledge and action. 

2) Find a Company With A Product You Love

Too many people get caught up in the potential big income from MLM, that they don’t pay enough attention to what the company is asking you to sell.

You can’t sell something or share your business if you don’t genuinely have pride in what you are representing. Do your MLM research and partner with a company that has a product you can get excited about. Don’t forget to look into the company’s compensation plan before you join and make sure it is favorable to you.

3) Be Genuine and Ethical

One reason that direct selling gets a bad rap is that many representatives use hype and sometimes deception to lure in new recruits. This leads many to believe that the MLM companies themselves encourage this behavior, but in truth, they don’t. Legitimate MLM companies want you to be honest in your dealings with customers and potential recruits. If you love your product, your enthusiasm is enough to promote it. Just make sure you’re not over-the-top or making exaggerated or false claims. Good business conduct will ensure that your customers and recruits don’t feel duped, and as a result, will stick with you. 

4) Don’t Barrage Your Friends and Family

Nothing will annoy your family and cost you friends more than constantly pestering them about your business. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know what you’re doing and seeing if they have an interest, but if the answer is “no,” let it go. Many companies suggest making a list of 100 people you know, and while that’s not wrong, you should consider that most successful MLMers have very few people from their original list of 100 people in their business. In most cases, friends and family who are in the business often come AFTER seeing the MLMer’s success.

Success in MLM comes from treating it like any other business, in which you focus on the people who want what you have to offer.That means deciding who the target market is for your products/services, as well as the business opportunity.

5) Identify Your Target Market

One of the biggest mistakes new MLMers make is looking at everyone (including friends and family #4) as a potential customer or recruit. This is one area where the MLM industry gets it wrong. Like any other business, you’re going to have greater success and efficiency if you identify your target market and focus your marketing efforts at them. Someone who doesn’t care about vitamins or health and wellness isn’t a good person to pester about your business. 

6) Make an Effort to Share Your Product//Business Plan Everyday

Many MLM sponsors will have you focus on recruiting new business builders; however, your income, in legitimate MLM, comes from the sales of products or services.

Further, customers who love the products or services can be more easily converted into new business builders. Just like any other business (home-based or otherwise), getting the word out about your product or service can benefit your target market is the key to generating new customers and recruits. Some ideas include sharing a product sample, inviting a neighbor to host a product party, or starting a website or social media account.

7) Sponsor, Don’t Recruit

One of the benefits of MLM is the ability to bring in new business builders and profit from the sales they make in their business. While some see this as “using” others, the reality is that you’re being rewarded for helping others succeed. But for them to succeed, you need to see your role not as racking up as many recruits as possible, but in being a leader and trainer. The focus then is on the success of those you help in the business, not on you. That means you need to take time to train them, answer questions, celebrate their successes, and be a support when things are tough. 

8) Set a Goal for Parties or Presentations

MLM is a person-to-person to business. While many people don’t like that aspect, especially in the digital age, the reality is that it’s the personal touch that sells the products and business, and retains customers and business builders. Based on your compensation plan and goals, determine how many people you need to show your products or business to reach your goals in the time you want. Doing so will ensure you grow your business rather than just sustain it.

7) Listen and Sell the Solution

Many companies provide scripts to help you sell the product or service. While these can be helpful in teaching you about your product and dealing with objections, sales is all about being a solution to what a customer needs. By qualifying your contact first, and then listening to their needs, you can tailor your pitch so that you’re the solution to their problem. 

8) Learn How to Market

MLMers often stick to the three-foot rule (everyone within 3-feet of you is a prospect) and other traditional marketing tactics. But direct sales is like any other business. It can and should be marketed in a variety of ways that takes into consideration your target market, what it needs, how you can help it, and where it can be found. To that end, you can use a variety of marketing tools including a website (check your companies policies about websites), email,​ and social media to increase product sales and interest in your business. 

9) Stand Out from Other Distributors

One of the challenges of MLM is convincing prospects to buy or join with you as opposed to the other reps that live in the neighborhood or they know online. You’re selling the same stuff as thousands of others, meaning consumers have a choice. So you need to do something that makes you unique compared to everyone else. Give people a reason to choose you over other reps.

10) Develop a System for Following Up

While you don’t want to pester and annoy people, in many cases, with good follow up, you can make the sale or recruit at a future time. Sales is often about timing, and ‘no’ in sales doesn’t always mean ‘never.’ If someone tells you no, but there was something in the dialogue that suggested they might be interested in the future, ask if you can put them on your mailing or email list, or if you can call in six months to follow up. Many will give you their email or phone number just because they want to be nice. Even so, use your calendar or contact system to remind you when to call. 

When I discovered that CBD Oil actually stops the growth of cancer cells, I knew I had found the right product.  Then I discovered that the company had several other fantastic products.  I now receive a check every month.  I invite you to join my team!

The worst investment on earth

As I left a retail outlet where I purchased some needed supplies, I followed a man that walked up to my truck and seemed to examine his own truck parked next to it. I had pulled in from an angle and was only a couple feet from his truck. I asked him “Did I park too close?” He answered that he was looking for damage to his truck as my closeness made him nervous. He explained that he had paid $90 thousand dollars for his truck. I said “That’s nice. Transportation is not worth that much to me.” He looked at my 20 year old truck and couldn’t believe my satisfaction as I got in it. I could buy another truck like mine for what he pays every couple months in payments, interest, and insurance. What other investment besides a new vehicle is guaranteed to lose $500 to $1000 a month until it is worth nothing? A new automobile is the worst investment on the face of the earth. One has to be a special kind of stupid to buy one.

I recently heard an ad on the radio about how Strong Volkswagen of Salt Lake City is offering new VWs at 30% off. Duh. The dealer profit margin is 40% so the dealer is still making 10% profit. So when you buy a car with a $20,000 sticker price, the dealer only paid $12k for it and put 8 grand in his pocket from the sale. No wonder all new car dealers are multi-millionaires with fabulous buildings.

My neighbor, Larry White, went into L&L Motors in Roosevelt, Utah and paid $40,000 cash for a new Ford 4 door, one ton, dually, fully loaded, that had a sticker price of $90 thousand dollars. Larry is a multi millionaire his self and not stupid enough to pay sticker price, but he wanted a brand new truck. He told the dealer “Take the cash or shove the truck up your ass” and drove away in the truck. He saved $50 thousand dollars instantly and up to that much again on interest. Only stupid people buy a new car on credit.

This is one of the reasons that stupid people don’t get rich. They buy things they can’t afford. Larry had the cash. It was in $100 bills. He never wrote a check. He counted out the dough. He could afford the new truck.

See, democrats and other retarded people could invest $500 to $1000 a month into a fabulous retirement account or an off shore island that increases in value at a rate higher than inflation, but instead, they want to look like something they are not, which is a form of lying, and so they foolishly spend the money on a new truck or car. Their investment loses money every single day and then they do it again. No matter how hard conservatives try, they simply can’t fix stupid.

There are a million things a person can invest in that increase in value over time.  Real estate is a fine example.  So why do people continually buy new automobiles that are guaranteed to lose value every single day?  Because they are stupid.  One could buy a new vehicle that has been used for 16 minutes and has a blue book value of half the original price and still get to his/her destination in style.

What makes you think you can’t get rich?

You’ve simply got to get rid of that stinkin’ thinkin’.

You’re not an idiot.  You can hear and speak.  So why do you think you have to act like you are stupid and be poor?  Don’t you realize that God wants you to be happy?

Thousands of people with no formal training in the industry have become wealthy with network marketing.  It does take time, but the absolutely only way to fail is to quit.  As long as you are actively telling people about how CBD Oil stops the growth of cancer cells, you are advertising.  Sometimes you have to give someone a free sample to make sure they try it, but once they do, you have a repeat customer.

Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else and think that just because they can do it doesn’t mean you can do it.  Bull shit!

Comparison leads to… his/her harvest is overflowing and mine, nonexistent! He/she is more talented, has more friends, more this, more that,” etc., etc.

And the comparison continues to run its course, stealing your joy and motivation. And then this reasoning starts to take root…“What’s the use of going on? I’m useless, pathetic.” In the end, the comparison steals your destiny. Because you stopped in the middle of the road, you couldn’t see the abundant harvest that God had prepared for you, nor the fruit of the perfect plan He’d imagined for you.

Don’t let your vision perish because you think you’re less gifted or less called than Mr./Ms.  so-and-so. Rather, work on your gifts, sow in your field. Pray and spend time with God… He knows how to inspire you with the strategies to implement and will place the right people along your path! It’s happened to me a thousand times.

You have the ability to change people’s lives.  Once you realize this, you see that you actually have an obligation to do so.  There are people having waited their entire life for your message.  They need your message to be healed.

Imagine helping a thousand people get rid of their cancer.  How long will this take?  A thousand years if you only tell one a year.  How much does it pay?  More than you can spend in a lifetime and it passes down to your posterity forever and ever.  You can create a dynasty.

Did you know that if you double a penny just 27 times you have over a million dollars in cash?  $1,342,177.28 actually.  Every single time that you bring another person into your business that is going to do what you do, you have doubled yourself.  You have doubled your efforts.  Of course, that means that they have to spread the word also.  Now can you see what just bringing 27 new people into your business can do?  Not 27 quitters.  Not 27 losers.  Twenty seven people that want to build a perpetual income stream.  And it only takes a couple dedicated builders for you to get your product for free.

Everybody knows someone with cancer.  Do you think these people will appreciate you for helping them cure it and save their life?

Have you told your neighbor yet?  How about your mail carrier?  The UPS driver?

Check out the opportunity here.


Self Reliance

One of the main beliefs of the LDS Church is that of self reliance. We are not to be lazy drones, a burden of society, or depend on anyone besides our selves, with the exception of depending on God to keep His word and protect us according to our faith.

Man on top of mountain. Conceptual design.

Democrats and other Satanists want us to rely on government rather than ourselves or God, because it furthers the agenda of Satan for us to be dependent and controlled.

It is not God’s will for us to be dependent on government. This is slavery. It is Satan’s plan for us to be dependent on government. This is one of the reasons that all democrats without exception are Disciples of Satan.

Who should embrace self-reliance? All of us. If we are unemployed, underemployed, desperate for work, desperate for a promotion, or even in a good place where we don’t need additional income, education, or skill sets, we should definitely be working toward greater self-reliance. As we take opportunities to mentor others in self-reliance, we often learn much ourselves. Even if our temporal skills do not need to be improved, our spirits can be continually enlarged as we help others reach their potential.

Innovation is a product of self reliance. When we are self reliant, we are looking for ways to improve our circumstances. We do not depend on government or the lies of democrats. We find ways to improve ourselves, our conditions, and our surroundings. In this way we are God like, unlike the dependent that are Disciples of Satan.

Whenever one of Satan’s disciples proposes a new program to make people even more enslaved, you should do everything in your power to put and end to their plans. These enslavement tactics are disguised as helping people, while in reality, all they do is further enslave people and bring them closer to Satan.

One of the great things about network marketing is your ability to create an income stream by being self reliant.  Your business will not grow unless you make it grow.  When you have an incredible product like cbd oil that helps people in so very many different ways, you can increase your business by helping other people solve a problem.

It is the creativity of creating a new job where previously one did not exist that is the result of self reliance.  You don’t need a manufacturing plant because one is already provided for you.  All you have to do is provide the marketing.

Some relatively easy things you can do to find new prospects in your area is:

  1.  Place an ad on your local bulletin board.
  2. Place an ad in your local newspaper.
  3. Leave your business card where other people will find it.  Like in the credit card slot at a gas pump.
  4. Send people to your company provided web site or even create a new web site.
  5. Tell your friends on Fakebook, Twitter, or other social media.
  6. Share your success stories with your friends and acquaintances.

Remember:  You are in charge of your own destiny.